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Shuffle Come Home
Shuffle Come Home
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For weeks I was sure I had lost my iPod Shuffle… and today I found it stuck in the pocket of a pair of pants I had not worn in weeks.

Charge up, little iPod, we got some running to do!

Lost, now found. I was conviinced I had lost my iPod Shuffle, and was just ready this week to give up and order a replacement (especially since the bottom line one dropped to below $70).

But hold the lines, Apple Store, I am back in business. It turned up in pair of slacks I had not worn in a few weeks (and now I give away that I try to get 2 wears out of my dry cleaning bills).

Time to touch base, charge up, and hit the road!

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  1. You know they make them small and light when you can literally lose an iPod in your own pocket 🙂 You might want to pick up an old Walkman Sport, gut that, and slap the little iPod inside it so this doesn’t happen again…

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