Spammer Leaks Secret

Among the cleanup I am doing here is continual emptying of the comment spam on a site I created, blogged about, but will not link directly, but it is more or less a publication, perhaps even, a “forum” that “i” created at MCLI. But I am not writing about the content. Nooooooooo, when would I have time?

Again, the utterly brilliant “Evil Genius” of Dr Dave’s SK2 plugin catches all of these before they see the light of blog. Among the piles of porn, mortgage offers, acts with animals, cruise stuff, casino offers, acne treatment, pharmaceuticals I have never heard of, comes this top secret tidbit offered by a spammer:

Personally, I never use more than a single link in the comment I post because doing so can trigger spam catchers if the user has that plugin activated, whereas a single link will not.

Maybe elsewhere, but not here Spam-opolis. I got you squashed in the spam roach carapace. Splat.

But you, honest worded spammer that you are, have violated the spammers oath by revealing a secret.

This is certainly a break from a hundred ones like:

635Hsjs&3mxnHSYUhsh7203mJS JSJD78wx HSUEJND JKSSD

or the latest, about 80 in the last 2 days:

Nice Blog :D

each with a different IP (spoofed), random names, but familiar (now) URL insertion attempts. Wow, some of those URLs describe acts I would never have even have dreamed would have a following.

Aye, I’ll miss you roaches…. like I will miss a boil on my butt. Splffffffff.

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