The Most Pathetic Comment Spam Ever

I get lots of comment spam. Or better yet, my SK2 Spam filters do, they fill up and flow over every day. I usually ignore the email notifications and just do a quick dump every few days. But this is the most pathetic attempt (but I am sure there are spam weasels out there that can do worse) effort yet to embed an unwanted link in MY blog:

My name is Stephanie i am working on a thesis as a home study i hope it is not a problem with me. I hope you don’t mind me placing a few words on here as my tutor needs to see it. Thanks and you have a great site here.

How sweet.

Don’t you feel a lot of concern and care for little home schooled Stephanie?

The only thing about her that is of deep worry is the URL she listed– which is for a substance I doubt little Stephanie truly needs.

Zing goes the spam! See ya, Stephanie!

Splat goes another flattened spam roach!

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  1. This “milk of human kindness” spam irritates me the most: the praise, the requests for help, etc. I especially resent lies that cloak themselves in the requests for academic support that I am trained (and want) to respond to instantly. It’s as if a salesman or saleswoman gets my attention by playing a hi-fi recording of a baby screaming in pain and fear.

    There should be a special class of spam offense reserved for those who prey upon our emotions this way!

    Okay, I feel a little better. 🙂

  2. There is a special place in whatever underworld one believes in for spammers, but I’m resigned to a 12-step program…

    Step 1: I admit I am powerless against the actions of spammers (though I am equipped with Spam Karma 2)
    Step 2: I have hope that a power greater than myself could restore sanity (ahem, that would be, um, the spam incentive creators named Google)


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