Bookmarklet Tool Now in The Blog House

As part of my transition, I have moved my Multibookmarklet Maker to the CogDogBlog domain. This was a tool I made back in January 2005, to allow one bookmarklet (browser bookmark tool) me able to be customized to allow posting to multiple web bookmark manager sites from one click, e.g. to add a given site in view to del.icoo.us, Simpy, Connotea, all in one click.

This is so I can add new ones to the mix, such as was recently suggested to add Ma.gnolia. It is now there!

Therefore, the URL formerly known as:


is now re-directed to its new home:


Have no fear, I set up an htaccess redirect so the old URl auto-magically goes to the new one.

To incorporate it into the CDB family, I linked the tool to a blog entry, and actually, the “Comments” hypertext goes to a comment field on the post above, serving as a cheap feedback mechanism.

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