No Ritz At All

I’ve been eager to get back to doing audio interviews, and as noted previously, I was trying to track down an iRiver which I had used well in my previous work at Maricopa. The iFP models apparently are phasing out, in lieu of the DRM friendly T10s, which becuase of the “friendship”, are PC only.

One was eventually located, labeled as “in stock” at Ritz Camera. I should have listened to my inner alarm bells for that association, as long, long ago, on my only sales job ever, I had worked in a Ritz Camera store hawking cameras in the late 1980s. I was hassled on a regular basis by an annoying district manager (Hi Dave, yeah right), and the last time for my choice of slack– ended up walking off the job to the bar across the street. For good.

If we have “Web 2.0”, than Ritz Camera’s site rates as “eCommerce 0.2”. Maybe we get spoiled, but when I order something, and I get an email confirmation providing a link for “tracking”, I actually expect to be able to track my order. It starts with the email, rather than providing a simple one click, it provides in text my order number, and directs me to a web page, where I must manually enter my name and order number. Annoying, but I could live with that. But for an order placed on April 10, (18 days ago) and my credit card already dinged, the only status I have gotten is:


Yeah, the site might be “Hacker Safe” according to the label, but it is “Information Free” for customers.

It reads, “Click below for full description” yet there is nothing below to click, and the information I get (and only get via email) is “Item will be shipped directly from vendor”.

This is in worthless and is not tracking. Amazon handles orders from vendors and other outlets, yet provides me tracking from the moment I order.

Yeah, I may be making a big dung pile over a small matter, expecially when/if my order arrives, but if a compant takes my money, acts like they provide online status, and do not, well I am going to bark here about it.

And I will never, ever, EVAH, order anything from Ritz Camera. And as promised in my message to “customer service”, I will let a few other folks know.

Grrrrrrrrrrrowl. Grrrrrrrrr.

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