First (not Last) BSOD

It was bound to happen, the first Blue Screen Of Death on the Bootcamped XP side of my MacBookPro (wow, I might order the T-shirt).

I was trying to install Skype– well it did install, but running it brought me BSOD. The first time, on reboot, XP did its repair job; the second time it did the repair again (more flying lines of white text on blue background), but Windows never came up- it was the Black Screen of Nothingness for about 5 minutes. From there was a familiar routine- yank the A/C and disconnect the battery. On reboot, Windows was able to “return to a previous working configuration”.

The Apple forums suggest it is a conflict with XP expecting to use the MacBookPro built in iSight camera with IM clients that use video, and the iSight device is not (yet?) avaiable under Windows. Well, the two OS-es are not shaking hands correctly, so for now, no Skype.

On a brighter note, as recommended by Cyprien, on the Windows side of this machine, Second Life does rock and move much more fluidly and more quickly. I will use it here more often, especially after I get my new mouse.

There, I said something nice about Windows. Happy?

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  1. I’m happy! I’m ecstatic! (Name the Who song that comes from and the next fish taco is on me. That is, I’m buying. :-))

  2. Easy…. but coming from “It’s Hard” likely the least memorable disc in their collection. The timing strongly suggests it may have inpsired some folks at MIT to create the project of networked worksations with web-like user interfaces …

    If I’m right, I’ll take two of the mahi mahi ones form Blue Water Seafood in San Diego

  3. Heh–always wondered about that one, but dismissed it as a coincidence. That’ll teach me to put my apophenia down….

    And you’re right about the album. While I like “Athena” very much (Jones finally loosens up and DRUMS) and “Eminence Front” is pretty effective in concert, it’s by far their weakest album. Worse even that “Magic Bus: The Who On Tour.” I remember how completely crestfallen I was when I listened to “It’s Hard” on the day of its release, there in my little grad school apt. in Charlottesville. I called my wife in and said, “y’know, it’s just really not very good at all.” Only time I’ve ever said that about a Who album. I hope it’s the last time!

    Mahi Mahi it is. I’ll even tip the waitron, heavily. :-)

  4. I too had a blechhh reaction. Even so, many of the songs grew better over time. Also, at that time, we were pretty much boxed by the almbum container, thught my passion was doing my own compilations from vinyl(s) to cassette tape.

    I’m teetering between 2 wonderings– what meaning does the album concept have in this age of mixing, buying 99 cent singles, is it relevant? Does it get more loosely defined?

    If not, then what happens to the notion of creating a thematic set– e.g. like Tommy, A Quick One, Dark Side of the Moon, Sgt Pepper? And more obscure gems like Rough Mix by Townsend and Laine (a long time personal favorite).

    Geez, a windows bomb turns into album talk, thanks Dr. Glu…

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