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Mouse, No Tail
Mouse, No Tail
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Ha, I am eating my own crow. After baseless ridicule of 3 button mice, I am now loving my Kensington mini Bluetooth critter, on both sides of the operating systems in my MacBookPro. Right clicking saves key-click combos for the Mac, and on Windows on the Intel Mac, I can more easily access those property windows. Plus, as a remote I should be able to mouse around during presentations.

And now for somethig completely different… blogging about technology that works!

I now am a proud and loud propnent of multifunction mice…. I am very happy so far with Bluetoothing my MacBookPro with this Kensington PilotMouse Bluetooth mini mouse.

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  1. Crows, mice, whatever: they all taste like chicken to me. :-) I eat ’em for breakfast on a daily basis.

    Welcome to world of more Engelbartish mice!

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