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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Next week, June 7-10, is the NMC Summer Conference, this year we are in Cleveland, hosted by a Fab Four of Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Cleveland Museum of of Art, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This is my first time being at the conference as part of the organzing team, rather than past years as a partiicipant, so maybe when I say the program is tremendous, my bias is showing. But since I first attended my first NMC (Ohio State in 2002), it became my “must-attend” conference.

One of my interjected ideas is to put in the printed program a call for an official conference tag:

Use web 2.0 tools to link conference content online! When you post photos, movies, blog posts, and relevant web sites using a web tool that supports tagging, be sure to add the official conference tag: nmc2006 tag. That will make it easy share and find content using Flickr Technorati,, and similar sites.

To see what has been tagged so far, visit these links:

So for anyone attending the conference this year, be sure to upload lots of photos, bookmark sites, and post blog entries tagged with nmc2006. I am working today on an aggregator / display page for the conference site, and cooking up a podcast page as well.

And what could be cooler! For the Thursday night reception at the Rock and Roll Museum, they are opening up the 4th floor studio for us to jam.

What a week it will be in Cleveland, see you, tag you there!

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