EduBloggerNews Added to Bookmarklet Maker

Prompted by Will’s post “Digg For Edubloggers/ Do We Need to Get Our Act Together”, I added EdBloggerNews as a new option to my Multi-Post Bookmarklet tool at http://cogdogblog.com/code/marklet_maker.php— mainly because I was going to try and toss EduBloggerNews a few of the links I am sending to del.icio.us.

While in the code, I tried a few approaches to make all of the pop-ups jump to the head of the pack, but failed to get something to work reliably. This means if you have a few tools in the mix, the windows may pop up behind the main window. I am open to any suggestions as to end around this; adding code to name each window and then issue it a xxx.focus() did not work as expected.

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