A few weeks, months (dog time) ago I speculated about the possible substance abuse activities of my Technorati feed. No denial or admission was forthcoming, yet I am still cocking my head sideways at what the Technorati feed for this blog actually catches in its nets.

Do not get me wrong, a good 20-25% of the time, I find a new blogger that has chosen to link to mine, and I scratch my curiosity itch (it is all about vanity, correct?) to check ’em out.

However, a significant portion includes people who have nicely include my URL on their sidebar, a.k.a blogroll. This is fine, but it seems every time they post a new entry, I get another ping via Technorati. Then there are times Technorati seems to get nostaligic, and pull up items it has already pinged me. Maybe it is just an artifact of someone republishing their pages??

The this morning there were a slew of strange items from myspace sites and other ad sites that upon inspection had no link at all to cogdogblog.com. And an hour later that evaporated/ What is going on there?

So as one attempt to filter down Technorati, I have switched a watchlist from items that contain links to http://cogdogblog.com/ to ones that contain links to actual posts, which for now are ones that all contain http://cogdogblog.com/2006/ (since my archives are in form of http://cogdogblog.com/2006/06/13/xxxxx-xxxxx/). There was no option to choose http://cogdogblog.com/20 so it apparently must be a URL fragment that ends in a “/”?

So bottom line, while I find value in the inbound links tat technorati finds (as often some of these are ones that do not issue trackbacks directly to my site) there is an amount of weirdness and un-relatedness in the returns I would prefer to be more refined or less acid-trippy..

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  1. I’m getting the same things in feeds looking at links back to edtechpost – it’s been going on for a few months now. Seems like the spam roaches have found ways to exploit technorati. Oh well. Your solution seems a decent workaround. Cheers, Scott

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