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Real and Virtual Converge
Real and Virtual Converge
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On the screen in the Gonick Amphitheater is streamed a live video from the Friday plenary session at the NMC Summer Conference in Cleveland. Featured is Giff Constable and Sara Van Gorden from the Electric Sheep Company, as they give an overview of the NMC Campus to both audiences.

Wow, it all worked… and worked amazingly well (despite the snafus of the hotel internet connectivity). For the Friday night session at the NMC 2006 Summer Conference, we brought together our in-person audience in Cleveland and those present virtually in the NMC Second Life Campus

On the center screen of the Gonick Ampitheater (pictured above), is the live video stream from the conference, thanks to some amazing support from the tech staff at Case Western.

Our guests were Giff Constable and Sara Van Gorden of the Electric Sheep Company, part of the creative team that built this place.

Our session started with a newly produced video that provides an overview of Second Life and the NMC Campus (coming soon online). Giff than gave a wonderful tour, highlighting some of the interesting issues that come up in Second Life. Then Sara jumped up to our Sandbox (in the sky), a place that we can practive building objects and things, and our audiences got a flavor for what it takes to “build” in second life (simple primitive shapes, or “prims”and applied texttures generated from PhotoShop.

Our audience (here at 8:00 PM on a Friday night) were electrified, so it seems. We then took the necessary steps to wrap up and assemble in the hotel foyer for our beer bash.

Wow, what can I say, but wow. It was a treat to talk with both Giff and Sara about their experience and ideas for Second Life.. it is a world unfolding before our eyes in many interesting directions.

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