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Intersection of RL & SL: Posters on NMC Campus

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Poster Presenter
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Come meet me on July 12, 2006 to talk about our large format printing project at Hamilton College

Like the conference session converged with a Second Life presence we ran at the NMC 2006 Conference in Cleveland, we are again playing with that intersection of real and virtual.

We have taken high res photos of the poster presentations that were at the Real Life conference, and brought them into the NMC Campus in Second Life. Attached to each is a notecard with some information on the poster, and a number of them have attached links that will open relevant URLs in a web browser (I really want to build in a feedback mechanism…). You can zoom in really close on these and get a lot of detail, in fact, more than I can usually see by squinting my eyes at the real thing– see some 2D photos loaded into a flickr photo set.

But the cool intersection will happen July 12, when we will have a number of the conference poster presenters be there “live” on NMC campus, to talk about the projects represented there. Anyone with a Second Life avatar can join; see the details at

It’s just one of the things we are exploring as a way to use this virtual world. In the works are more of the intersection with real life conferences, and in August, we are shaping up a Second Life Art Expo, where we will bring in artists who create works in world, many of them ones who created the scupltures that are all over the NMC Campus.

For more on this project, visit the NMC Campus Observer (somehow I have my hands in another blog ;-)

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