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I am about 99999.9% sure (always leave room for doubt) I will never be among the digerati sitting in the plush red seats for a TED conference. No dogs allowed, eh? However, I did, a few months ago, happen to be at a home of someone who has, and got to see watch on DVD examples of some of the sessions, and wow, there are some great presentations done in those brief formats.

And now, the velvet ropes are parted slightly to let those not in, near, or even heard of Monterey, savor some of the TED sessions on TEDTalks, where you can get them in audio, flash, quicktime, google video, itunes, podcast, vodcast, itunescast… heck, maybe even in morse code.

And its free… well a wee bit of ads…. it is free thanks to some BMW sponsorship which whizzes by in the video openings. But you get the sessions in some of the best web video quality out there.

And what’s really cool for sharing, they give you the cut an paste code to embed a video in your own blog, so here goes:

In this stunning presentation, Hans Rosling pokes holes in your preconceptions of data, statistics, and society with a fabulous visualization tool that allows him to show us insight into trends in world health, animated slices and groupings by time and geography. I was, and still am blown away, by the power of this visualized way to look at data. If you like this video, be sure to tag over to his Gapminder project for more.

Do TED from home, for free… could be some could ‘casts to catch.

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