The feed cat is coming out of the bag.

A few weeks ago I bought a domain, and with some hosting donated by Aaron at Modevia Web Services, the Feed2JS service that lives now at has its own home at All I’ve done is more or less move the current site in whole, made a few edits, and set it up for some stress test.

What does it mean? If you want to give it a try, this new server is going to be watched over and given technical support if needed. All you need to do is to either rebuild your cut and paste feed code or simply edit your JavaScript to replace the 2 occurrences of


I am not making any changes yet at the Maricopa server, but likely within a week or so, my access to it will vanish. If all goes well over the next few days, and it is time to throw the switch, I will most likely leave on the Maricopa site a web re-direct, so all requests to the old server will automatically be forwarded to the new.

You can still download the source code from the new site, which many people already have done– not to be charitable and be a public mirror, but just to run their own code, so their site is not hung out to dry if the remote server goes belly up. There are thousands of others that are running their own server. I have done it myself in a number of sites where having a local version makes sense.

This is an interim plan. I am still mulling over how to reconstruct the code logic to do the feed fetching asynchronously, and having options for designating alternative sites. Call it Feed2JS 2.0 if you need a buzzword. Anyone interested in helping wrangle the new code with me? I’m ready to pop the source code on a Forge site.

But first, let’s see what happens when 13,000 requests per day start swimming to the new site…

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