Hold the Truck! Mouse Pleads for Mercy

How is that for Apple listening? A day after I threaten to drive my GMC truck over a blue toothless mouse, the Mac OS 10.4.7 update contains an update to improve bluetooth communication with mouse devices! So far so good, as the mouse has been able to have activated 100% of the time (about 7 connections on the OSX side and 2 on the XP side of my MacBookPro).

It does lose its connection still if it is not tickled every ow and then.

And even better, you can now rig your trackpad settings so a two finger tap and click act like a right mouse click (found at mac OSX Hints). inside System Preferences, go to Keyboard and Mouse, and then Trackpad settings. Enable the checkbox for tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click. Enabling Use Two fingers for scroll is also handy.

I’m curious to see if this works on the XP side of the machine. Two finger tap and click is a bit weird, but good to know when a mouse starts rebelling against you.

Update: No luck on the XP side. My Bluetooth mouse could not be recognized (well it was once, so I am batting .500), and the two finger trackpad muse click did nothing. So back out rolled the Logitech USB mouse, plugged it in, and it works. Seems to be the best bet.

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