Gliffy is Jiffy

Web apps… exploding… Writely as a web word processor. Lazybase is a database… Editgrid is a spreadsheet.

That is only the beginning…

But now something mind blowing, mood altering, and just plan knock your socks off, how the **** do they do that in a browser? Bt sheer almost random clicking in my aggregator, I found Gliffy to be Spiffy in a Jiffy.

From its own blurb:

* Diagramming in your web browser without downloading additional software
* Similar to Visio, yet in your web browser
* Desktop application feel in a web-based diagramming solution
* Add collaborators to your work and watch it grow
* Link to published Gliffy drawings from your blog or wiki
* Create many types of diagrams:
o Flowcharts
o UI wireframes
o Floor plans
o Network diagrams
o Any simple drawing or diagram

So it is a simple interface for generating charts, graphics, with a lot of built in shapes and tools. So it is easy eanough to do some silly things. But wait… You can export in 3 different image formats. You can have it generate a URL to paste in a blog. You can invite others (writely-like) to share-edit a documents. Everything is object based, click to edit, move around, the ability to free rotate without picking a another tool. There is a library of floor plan stuff (couches, chairs tables) for room planning, there is a set of computer network stuff for network planning, there is a set of flowchatr symbols, there is a set of computer user interface symbols for planning a software design…. There is a nifty tool for connecting two objects and connect them with lines, arrows, etc… perfect for relationship diagrams. And amazingly, it features the all to often left out… UNDO!

A snip of the interface:


I could not think of anything on the spot to draw, not that I do not need to organize some flow charts or sketch some processes — so I did what I always do when too excited– just tossed some things on the screen.

I might be ready to call this Web 2.75!

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  1. Hi Alan! Thanks for this tip. Gliffy IS pretty spiffy. If you get a chance to fix it, you mistyped the URL when you created your link (gilffy instead of gliffy).

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