Apple Keeps Twisting My Melon, Man

The sad, tired tale of my lemon scented MacBookPro continues. Not following the take, it starts with one of those days (noisy fan), some bad taste from the Apple Store, a 3 day hiatus before the Lights Went Out in Screenville, followed by the sad song of Citrus Apples, a code #ID 10T, sinking to a door stop, lastly with the tragedy of the Dim Screen of Quasi Death.

So folks form all over are commenting in that I should start a ruckus at an Apple Store and demand my in-store replacement. That may wash north of the border and elsewhere,b ut certainly not at the Phoenix store. I got the reaction as if I had asked for a free bath tub full of video iPods.

So off it was to an appointment (I got wise and did it this morning) at the Genius Bar, where I was politely and apologetically told this sucker would have to again be sent back to Apple for repair. Yes, another stretch of not being able to do work. At least the info is now registered, is even if they can let is sit a week and wave a magic wand over it, and the screen lights up, there is some validated record that a Genius Saw My Lack of Light.

Even more disturbing is his guess that the fault might be in the logic board that they replaced. Oh, nellie, if that is the come back, there is going to be some loud ranting to deal with.

I did not send it in, as next Thursday I start a 12 day vacation, and it makes more sense to send it off then… I’ll ask for them to send me a box.

Yet, even with all this, I would still rather be melon twisted 10 times over than even deal with the non-alternative. But still

Until then, I am along tethered to an HP monitor.

Sigh, oh Apple, you’re hurtin’ me. I am seriously buying into quarter desperate conspiracy theories that this all has to do with my iTunesU rant last Spring. Yep, that must be it. Wow, that stuff runs deep under the clan of the black shirt.

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  1. I once got an iBook (G3, oh god, the memories) replaced, back in New Zealand. It wasn’t ranting in store that did it, it was ranting to the New Zealand distributor, who ranted to Apple Australia.

    Ranting works.

  2. There’s a young junior primary teacher here at my school who was so excited a fortnight ago as her name had been moved up the waiting list (yes, MacBook Pros are in such high demand here – a bit like U2 tickets) due to a friend of a friend of a friend who knew someone at the Adelaide Apple distributors, and she was getting her new white MacBook Pro. Black was an extra $500 so she settled for extra RAM instead and she had grand plans for the Intel processor. She was going to install both the Windows and the Mac version of our interactive whiteboard software on both operating systems and critically compare the two…. oh, the grand plans she had. I saw her today at lunch and asked how her Mac was going. “Oh,” she said.”I don’t have it anymore. It had a problem, actually several problems so I took it back. They asked if I wanted it repaire but I got a refund and went a bought a new HP Ipaq instead.”
    I told how I’d been reading about your woes and she just shook her head slowly with a wry grin…… You are not alone. Maybe they should have issued this model in a bright yellow.

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