Blogs Like Weeds

Despite my best intentions, I find myself with a small herd of WordPress blogs- this one, my running blog, and two more over at NMC (one is our Second Life site, the other is still under wraps, sorry).

So today was upgrade day, making sure they were all brought up to the latest 2.04 version (and sadly enough, this very blog was the most behind). Running WordPress upgrades is not too challenging, and they certainly have the steps outlined in grand detail. And I do it to the letter; disable plug-ins, make a dump of the database (well first optimize some of the bloated tables), and then start moving up the new files, run the upgrade script, and re-activate the plugins. I did 3 of my WP blogs in about 25 minutes.

Things I wished for:

* It would be great to have an upgrade distribution of WP files that were just the changed files (like phpBB does). I end up deleting and uploading the same graphic files. But I assume they aimed for the easiest path of dumping almost everything.

* It be even greater to have some mechanism on the plug-ins page to indicate if a new version is ready. the only way now is to visit the home page for each one. That is, like, so web 1.0. SK2 is the only one that provides an updated message on the Spam Karma’s “About” page, where today I was motivated by its dire warning about not upgrading WP to 2.0.4. When Dr Dave speaks, I listen.

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