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Searching for the Ideal Streaming Technology poster as reprised on the NMC Campus in Second Life (July 2006),

This was a study done in Spring 2006, and a number of NMC members had participated. Authors Dr. Edgar Huang and Clifford Marsiglio from IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) presented this as a poster session at the 2006 NMC Summer Conference and was even reprised in Second Life when we held the poster sessions there in July.

But even better, the authors have published their study, aling with a pile of video resources (tutorials and screencasts about the 5 video technologies studied) as a web site- see Searching for the Ideal Streaming Technology:

In August of 2006, we completed a study that examined five video streaming technologies in terms of their image quality, streaming quality, accessibility, encoding and Web-authoring efficiency, and cost. The five technologies were Flash, QuickTime, Real, VX30 and Windows Media. For easy and fast access and interaction, we have decided to publish the study at this permanent Web site….

…. Our study has some interesting findings and conclusions regarding these streaming video technologies. You may find them immediately applicable to your daily work.

We have also constructed five tutorials, as byproducts of this study, on how to encode and Web-author with latest approaches a streaming video with each of these five streaming technologies. These tutorials are designed for broadband streaming though targeting dial-up users just involves adding a low bit rate alternative.

And the conclusions? Which video horse do you put your money on? Look out for the long shot streaking by on the rail.

Of course people will argue for centuries about a “best” solution, but the metholdogy doen in this study, and their sharing their results publicly in this site, are models for what should be done broadly everywhere.

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