I am sure there are things like this out there, but when I was doing my simple stats for flickr tagging, I took the very inefficient method of paging through the flickr tag pages and listing unique user names.

Surely there is some flickr tool that can tell how many unique users have used a specific tag? I picked and poked but could not find it. There are plenty of things to return data per individual account, and lots of cool way to render public tags.

Same thing for del.icio.us- surely there is a web tool to show how many people have used the same tag??

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  1. You want to search for a tag, then return a list of all the users that have used it?

    I’m sure we could make something that did that…

  2. That’s even better results than I had hoped for— I am surprised no one has created a web friendly front end that can do this; surely it is of interest to others, be it for tracking or social research.

  3. Yep, that would be helpful. And, our NPTech tagging has gotten even messier – we have a meta feed that scraps nptech tagged items from about 15 sources (flickr, furl, youtube, etc etc etc). I write a weekly column over at netsquared summarizing the best finds from the 200-300 resources that chug through the tag stream weekly – http://www.netsquared.org/blog/kanter

    People were complaining about tag overload! So, the human information filter (me) chugs through the raw sewage each week and I do a trend/pattern analysis type of round up.

    I’m seeing a lot of “re-tagging” of older resources. Also, the range of perspectives too – from highly technical to more mangerial.

    We’ve started yet another NpTech Tag experiment using the group feature on magnolia. The nice thing is that you know the profiles of people tagging.

    Also, there isn’t a way to “retreive” in an organized way the resources. A few colleagues think that cse (collaborative search engines) are the savior for this ..

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