*@#ing Five Things

D’Arcy, you with the apostrophe in your first name (!), tagged me with the Five Things meme. So here are five things likely not widely known about the human behind CogDogBlog:

  1. Until I was 22, I had not traveled farther west than the Appalachian Mountains (except for the 3 days I attended New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, a rather long story)
  2. I’ve taken lessons, owned a guitar since age of 15 and likely have never played an entire song in my life.
  3. I admit it! As a teen, I had THE poster of Farrah Fawcett in my bedroom (it was autographed!)
  4. I was married on top of Camelback Mountain in central Phoenix
  5. Despite years of shooting in manual mode with a 35mm camera (a really old, heavy Nikkormat) I’ve gotten lazy with my digital photography, most all images on my flickr site were done in automatic modes) — I prefer to focus more on composition and monkeying around in PhotoShop.

Oh my gosh this is pathetic. Kill the meme. Now I tag…. Gardner, Shelley, Tim, Rachel, and Bryan.

Meme on, Brothers and SIsters.

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  1. Ah yes, the Farrah Fawcett poster…my was strategically placed on my bedroom door which was located at the bottom of our stairwell so that everyone who came into the house was greeted with that image…I can’t believe my mother let me keep it there for so long!

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