Up here at my cabin, we have no TV reception, so we have a system of a DVD player, TV, and some Altec-Lansing computer speakers for audio. I’ve noticed when the TV and DVD are off, if I raise the audio cable, I can hear some low, static filled radio sound from the speakers.

With some investigation, I found by extending the speaker’s audio input cable up and away, I get a medium strength radio signal, and matching it to a radio, my speakers are picking up FM 101.1:


actual annotated photo on flickr

I snagged a bit of the audio, switching between the speakers acting as a radio and the radio acting as a radio:

Too bad the music sucks.

On other unworldy communication fronts, my refrigerator has been pinging Technorati with requests for refills, the coffee maker is publishing RSS feeds updated with each brew cycle, and the toaster is posting really bizarre YouTube videos.

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  1. Here at UMW, the appliances on campus have caught the same bug. The laundry machines in the dorms actually email or text message students when their loads are done. Seriously. We call the project “eSuds.”

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