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0.5 of a 43 Thing

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0.5 of a 43 Thing
0.5 of a 43 Thing
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One of my 43 Things is listed as "Sell a Photograph as Art".

I think this comes close. A few months ago, maybe more, someone from a publishing company asked permission to use a rather old photo from my Sonoran Desert Sampler (actually it is a scan of a 35mm print), and offered payment for it!

This is my first financial gain from a photo. At this rate, I wil; be able to retire in, oh, June of 3054.

Maybe not art, but it was sold.

It’s been a while since I paid attention to my “43 Thangs”, so updates are due… this typically happens when the calendar odometer rolls over.

I’d really like to learn to build my own custom picture frames, using seasoned old woods pilfered from old barns and such, and than frame some of my favorite photos. First, though, I am looking at investing in a larger format photo printer, so all the financial gains from above (and much more) are aimed right at ink and paper.

43Things has long been a back of mind inspiration for social networking sites, and deserves some recognition for the concept (but please, no freaking patents!). I am still mulling over some similar concepts we can roll into the new NMC web site, like a way for people to list their skills or things they want to learn about in technology…

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