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And Then There Was One (Laptop)

And Then There Was One (Laptop)
And Then There Was One (Laptop)
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Now that is a clean desktop! Over the weekend, I used the OS X migration assistant to move my files and music (a paltry 6 Gb) from the old iBook (vintage 2003) to a separate user account on my MacBook Pro.

I have gone from Three laptops down to two, and now…. one. If you never see another post here, you will know I have taken the next step!

This means my life is organized neatly into one computer and no more stuffing two laptops (and power supplies) into the bag for a trip to the office in Strawberry.

Where is the old Compaq PC? I erased it with Darik’s Boot and Nuke and left it for a donation at the Pine Arizona Senior Center Thrift Store…. it barely hit the table and someone snagged it for $25.

The G3 iBook still has some life in it. For my wife and I it is our "living room" laptop for quickly looking up movies at IMDb and so she can check email (her office has one of those PC tower boxes).

Living simply, indeed!

And eventually, with all this cleanliness, I might do some actual work.

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