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Faux Ocotillo Resurrected

Faux Ocotillo Resurrected
Faux Ocotillo Resurrected
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When I left Maricopa last April, my colleague David Weaver gave me this plant as a stand in for an Ocotillo (a project I supported for like 10 years).

I am not a good plant caretaker, and with a little bit of in-attention, this plant lost most its leaves a few months back .but some time spent outside, sun, and more regualr watering has brought it back to life.

Hopefully the clutter of wires and electronic debris will not be abad influence.

Working with David at maricopa was a true honor- he was one of the first faculty I met as a green rookie in 1992 (my first week was an Ocotillo retreat at Mormon Lake), and I can think of not too many others I worked with who put such an amount of energy into both teaching physics, but also embracing (and questioning) technology.

Cheers, David, the Faux Ocotillo Lives on!

Iit is actually a Jade plant, not even close to a real Ocotillo.

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  1. Well you should see my chair here in the living room. I have 2 dig cameras, a phone charging, a mac in the lap, and a dell laptop in the floor within reach, two external hard drives, and my other assorted necessities (diet mt. dew, clip board with notes, popcorn, etc.)

    I just go the mac at Christmas, so haven’t totally gotten everything off the four year old dell. The cords created by this assortment has created a total nightmare, but i find i am most comfortable with it all in reach. I am pitiful when anyone in the family says something must go. But it always seems to find its way back over here!

    How embarrassing!

    Congratulations on resurrecting the plant!

  2. Actually Alan – its not too far removed – I believe Jades and Ocotillo’s are both succulents! Jades are hard to destroy – not impossible mind you…just hard…just don’t leave them out in this 26 degree weather! ;o) Enjoy!

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