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Talk about serendipity! I can count on one or two paws the number of times I've clicked on a Google AdSense ad. But in reading my inbox in Gmail, someone wriote about blog writing, and there was a link to Free Web Word Processor for your Blog.

 I bit and look what I got! 

A Photo of a Tool I am Using To Bog About the Same Tool

 it's a web blog editor (not just a weblog editor, it's a web weblog editor) with a "this is what MS word would look like if they really had a premonition of the web or took a ride on the clue train" — yes, like other web document editors, you get the rich text tools offered by TinyMCE under the hood. 

I just grabbed a screenshot uploaded to flickr, and can post from my flickr right into the editing screen. Same for YouTube videos.  

 I'm not in grand need of a better editor (i still use ecto and often just pound them out quickly in WordPress). The one thing most editors lack is the ability to assign cateogries (this has "tags", ecto does categories), and none I have seen allow you to set the slug (shorter URL) or edit custom fields. But those are alpha geek needs. Or beta, I forget.

oops, WriteToMyBlog allows the category assignment at the publish stage. 

 An interesting feature is that WriteToMyBlog works with a number of blog platforms, and you can write a post, and publish to different blogs or platforms. Hey, that's just XML doing its queit magic under the hood, eh?

 So here, goes, I am ready to write to my blog this post about WriteToMyBlog that I wrote with  WriteToMyBlog. After tis, I plan to go whittle some more holes in my Serpinski triangle .

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  1. so… it’s a separate service that essentially just provides a more fully enabled TinyMCE for WordPress? Wouldn’t it just be easier/better to enable the extra buttons on the TinyMCE that ships with WP so you don’t have to go through a third party website to post to your blog? If this was a standalone app, I could see it, but it’s just another website, so doesn’t really add anything above what the WP web interface offers. Or did I miss something?

  2. You did not miss much and I was not glowing about it (was I?) — the one thing it had that might be helpful if the ability to publish the same post to more than one blog. And the interface might be better for some of the other non WP platforms (not sure how it compares to what Blogger has now).

    More curious is what the angle is on this as a product. Someone bought some Adsense words to get this, so where are the strings? More curious than anything, and not even that curious.

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