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Convergence Web Culture Video Conference Mashup

We’re less than 2 days out from the NMC Spring 2007 Online Conference on the Convergence of Web Culture and Video, and an awesome array of sessions ins lining up quite nicely. Registration is still open and it gives you at least 60 days post conference access to all materials and archived Elluminate sessions. Yes, you can browse the program, but as a public service, I have compressed all the main words of all the sessions into this Session Title MashDown:

Webvideo Politics Web 2.0 Online Learning Film Festival How Video Podcasting Changed My Teaching Life We’re Getting Cinema Studies Production Culture Gaming Learning Web Early 2007 Evocative Spaces Aesthetic Grabs Mediating Dubai Making Memorable Machinima NINA More Less Virtual Exhibitionism Leisure Suit 21st Century You YouTube Singular Plural Creative Expression Collaborative networks Future Learning Beyond Podcasts Contextualizing Media iPod Digital Video Common Good Ideas Help Find Material Want Video Archive Short Sweet Web Video Forms Functions Storytelling Age Leap Entering Digital Movie Arena Novice University Faculty Cell Phones Teaching Learning Supplement Drupal YouTube-like site yourself free! Vapers Video Papers Future Composition University Video Recording Speaking Performance Availability Demand Self-Observation Enhance Speechmaking Expertise Videoblogging College Experiences Teacher Student

Among the mix are the keynotes from Henry Jenkins, another from Angela Thomas burning the midnight oil live from Sydney, and the amazingly talented Cynthia Colongne.

By the way, if anyone knows of some viable solutions for archving Elluminate sessions into a more 2.0ish web friendly format, send em this way. I have seen the ones that look like they are screen captured/ Camtasia-fied, and loaded to Google Video, but the image quality is pretty poor. That was one thing I liked about 3 or 4 years ago when I had access to Breeze (it was via an NMC conference), as that did a nice job of easy syncing PPT slides to audio, and packaging as a web friendly flash package (like this monster).

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