My twitter curiosity rose to a nice sharp peak and fell off given there’s real work to do. Like just about everyone else, my pre-twitter perspective was, “What kind of person with too much time to spend would bother IMing every time they scratched their leg?”, and then having tried it, found this strange multi-layered communication patterns that was… well interesting.

Uh back a step. Twitter is a web-service where you create buddies/contacts, and you can use several devices (web form, IM buddy, SMS, even messages form Second Life) to send a short (~140 character) message about what you are doing in the moment. Like D’Arcy called it, “nano-blogging”. And Cole was really giving it a good go at Penn State as a project group “letting them know what I am doing” tool.

There’s something there, I am just not sure of it.

But I dropped off a bit, the desktop Twitterific seemed to sputter in and out of communication, the twitter IM buddy would disappear for hours, and I thought he was dissing me.

And then I just aimed to go to the web site to see “what was happenin'” with my twittery ciircle, and was going into some infinite spiral in the web browser where it just had fits down in the status bar. I just find these things curious, so did a quick screen capture:


Freaky weirdness. That’s what happens when you become the popular kid on the Web 2.0 school yard.

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  1. I heard a lot of buzz about Twitter while at Northern Voice two weeks ago, so decided to play with it this week. Strangely engaging especially since IM services are all blocked behind my organization’s firewall. While some have claimed it as a time-waster, I think it is a simlpe service that gives a sense of ongoing connection (cf., Connectivism) with colleagues and others I have either met or read to the point I think I have met them.

    No idea about their business model, but I hope they start making money so they increase the speed/server farm–it just stalls at times.

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