I’m in Denver 2.5 days for an NMC Directors and Board meeting, with a rather packed schedule leaving little moments for blogging. Well, I have about 10 waiting from my hotel room to do a 1o minute Second Life / NMC overview for a group of maybe 60 participants at the university of MIchigan. You can be in many places at the same time, but never quite all together.

So what would be travel w/o a few mishaps? Mine have been minor considering that some people have flights out of icy climates, and others, like a person at the meeting arrrived w/o his luggage.

Mine was boarding the small cramped US Airways jet in Phoenix, only to settle in and hear them inform us that there is a problem with one of the tires; so we had to all deplane while the rolled out the biggest can of Fix-O-Flat I have ever seen. Just kidding, they had to do it like you and I jack up the thing, pop the lug nuts on and replace. I dont think they used a doughnut spare.

the other travesty was realizing my toiletries bag was at the top of my soft case, and obviously some larger big heavy baggage was plunked on top; almost everything plastic inside was cracked, including my single razor blade, which refused to attach to the handle, leaving me to shave while holding the blade between two fingers.

Fascinating, eh? Hardly. Gotta run soon. We’re on the road through Monday visiting family in Wyoming and I plan to be totally Off Blog.

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  1. “leaving me to shave while holding the blade between two fingers”

    Tough guy! I guess you couldn’t get your Bowie Knife through airport security.

  2. Hi Alan,
    Constant reader but infrequent commenter. Where will you be in Wyoming? I was born in Torrington and grew up in Cheyenne. I’m not there now, but curious about your ties to Wyoming. Barry

  3. I visited family who live in Laramie, where ironically I might have been a graduate student in 1987 had not the coin toss landed at Arizona State, and I’d likely not be blogging here today.

    Got to spend a day in Cheyenne, a fun downtown area, had a tasty prime rib sandwich at the Albany.

  4. Wow, too freaky. I did attend UW in Laramie but only for a short time before I transferred to ASU where I got two degrees and started my teaching career. I graduated from high school in Cheyenne and my mom still lives there. All your pictures struck home with me as I’ve spent lots of time at all those places. Heck, many years ago during Frontier Days my older sister got the $h!t kicked out of her at the Albany Bar during a real saloon fight. Now, probably 30 years later she still avoids Cheyenne during Frontier Days like the plague. I love it then because the city really comes alive; it is one big 10-day Cowboy party. Of course, it was much more fun when I was younger. Thanks for the pics!!

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