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What Would I Do with 1017 Friends?

Compared to this guy, in twitter-chips, I am a hermit in the woods.

Does John Edwards keep up with his small group of friends?

Does he have a designated staff twitter-er?

More idle banter, while I have little meaningful to blog these days. But the twitter buzz train is rolling. I get a handful of notices of twitter-ness from folks I know (and a bunch I don’t know. On a good day I am selective) My twittering is in short bursts, and I keep forgetting to be a frequent tweeter. And I hear more and more about folks who are discovering useful bits of info by checking their friends tweets.

I am still warm to the use of this tool, and am not bothered at a lack of a Big Educational Use in Capital Letters. There is something there, there, said the rabbit.

Actually, I just like saying, “twitter”.

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  1. I can honestly say that running for U.S. President is not particularly high up on my to do list. (Getting the constitution changed so I could actually do so is about one higher up, but is still very low down.)

    World domination is, of course, much higher. Wonder if you need more followers/friends for that?

  2. OMG! That would drive me nuts. It reminds me of the movie “Bruce Almighty” when Jim Carry starts hearing all those voices….

    I am not sure of Twitter for “formal” educational purposes, but for informal learning, why not? Maybe that’s the “something there” you refer to.

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