Where the Twitters Are

Okay, so you are either hepped on twitter or think it is the dumbest thing since the Clapper. I’d use it more if it wasn’t so popular and bogged down lately.

But twittervision makes for an interesting way to “watch” the tweets world wide. rather than seeing the flow of your local circle, you are watching disjointed pieces of conversation world wide… with each tweet geolocated on a Google Map.

twittervision.jpg I made a short screen capture of a few tweets bouncing in from across the map [QuickTime clip 3.4 Mb]

From what I understand, to geo-located a tweet, all you need do is to include in your message a code like “L:Phoenix, AZ” – I tried 2 tweets and watched the map, but never made it to the screen.

It’s a little mesmerizing to sit back and watch, in the same way at LiveMarks you can watch in real-time what people are tagging with del.icio.us

Tweets on a Map!

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  1. Twitter is like crack — only less helpful and productive. Problem is, I’m hooked. It has honestly done very good things for my organization. People have established real world relationships based in Tweets. I had written about it all weeks ago, but I think it is time to revisit the Twitter-Rock phenomenon … did I really just spell that right the first time I typed it? Wow.

    Here’s the crazy thing, I can communicate so much more efficiently in 140 character sound bites than ever before!

  2. This is the most topsy-turvy, maybe even a little bit pervy, little discussion I have seen in quite some time.

    First, The Clapper is a boon to mankind. Especially the later versions that feature TWO outlets that are activated separately by two or three claps. That really opens up the possibilities. I run everything in my house off my elaborately networked system of Clappers, everything from the blender that mixes up my healthful maternal milk smoothies to my Shrine to Sammy Davis Jr that utilizes a looping video of him singing “Mr. Bojangles” (I cry everytime I hear it, even after tens of thousands of listens and subsequent crying jags.) I spend so much time clapping that I’ve started listening to a lot of flamenco music so my clapping can have a more festive air.

    Second, Cole perpetuates the unfair reputation of crack. Nothing jumpstarts my day and puts a smile om my face like smoking a big rock.

    Finally, my twiter is built-in with my speakers, and works perfectly fine, I’ve never gave it a seconds thought. I do sometimes wish I could buy a sub-woofer, because I do love my heavy bass on “Mr. Bojangles”.

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