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Quickly. Little time to blog.

A year ago today was my first day on the job at NMC, just a year gone by and so many things have happened. It reminds me of the old Lorne Green A,lpo commercials where hs says something like:

Hi. I’m Lorne Greene. And this is my pal, CogDog. You know, CogDog has been doing NMC work for one year- that’s 114 to you and me. You know why he looks so young and healthy? Because CogDog is an Alpo dog. Alpo is 100% meat and meat by-products, and not a speck of cereal. Alpo keeps your dog happy, healthy and frisky. Isn’t that right, CogDog, huh?

Yep, a lot goes on in one blog year. NMC Conferences. Second Life. MacArthur project. Travel. Marcus trainings. A long, almost done project of NMC Web 2.0. An endless list of new colleagues. Travel. Conference Tagging. Podcasts. Streaming Media. 2 more blog sites and 4 new Media Wikis.

I’d write more, but there is stuff to do and I have to wash down some of those tasty meat by-products.

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