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Whew, finally got around to cleaning out my Google Reader. Not to say that I actually “read” them all, but sifted through, and Shift-A’d through some feeds with 100+ unread items lurking.

Of course, this screenshot may imply that I don’t subscribe to anything.

By the time I publish this post, the sidebar will start puffing out.

But there is some satisfaction in fooling myself that I have absorbed all this information from the 50 or 60 sites I subscribe to.

And actually the last thing I did read (and Shared) was Will’s pointing to a stunning example of what can be done with the new features of Google’s MyMaps — the Route 66 history tour. I’ve not even sniffed out the shiny new Goog-tool, but my gut says that maps as an authoring tool are going to be very powerful for educators (or anyone trying to create a map that organizes and links to information — kind of what Joe Lambert has been doing with Storymapping


As close as the song gets to Twin Arrows is “Winona”, a lonely stop a few lumps of metal short of Meteor Crater…

You see Amarillo and Gallup, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona don’t forget Winona

Get your Kicks, on Route Google MyMaps!

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  1. Humm…I’ve wondered about how I might use Maps in my teaching…but the whole “history” aspect is wonderful. I can imagine maps of author’s lives, the places of how/where films where shot/produced, etc.

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