Google Reader Offline Bonus

Bet yer Bloglines cannot do this!

One of the features I treasured in my desktop RSS reader (back when I used NetNewsWire) was that it would periodically download the lastest feeds and store the content on my computer. This meant then if I was offline (e.g. on a plane), I could still browse and read the news.

I had pretty much guessed that was not an option with a web-based browser.

But on a recent plane trip, I discovered my guess was wrong. While waiting for my departing plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (where the offer free wireless in every terminal, take that you T-Mobile $$$ offered only other airports), I had opened my Google Reader and left the browser window open when I put the laptop to sleep. Later on flight, while using the computer, I looked for some reason at the browser — and was pleasantly surprised that I could still key through the stories that were sitting in my reader — which means that in its ajaxy splendor, Reader was dl-ing content locally.

I’m just a googly fan-dog.

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  1. I made the switch from bloglines a few months ago and haven’t looked back. This is just another reason to stay. Thanks for pointing this out.

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