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I’ve heard raves and howls about Dreamhost for web hosting, but my experience so far as been stellar.

I really like the one-click install / updates for WordPress; previously, the announcement of a new 0.01 update I might delay a few days, weeks to get around to backing up the database, de-activating plugins, backing up the web directory, downloading new source code, uploading…. while with one click that is all I really have to do. It Just Works (so far).

Just did it for the WP 2.1.3 update.

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  1. Been using Dreamhost for more than 2 years now, and the one-click installs have been a godsent, especially when I want to try out a new open source tool without using some lame demo on another site.

    However, I’ve been reluctant to use the one click install for fear of having plugins, themes, and other content (lots of images and large files) destroyed. I know i can back them up manually, but I’ve been hesitant. With your success I may be willing to try it out though.

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