It was posted a while ago, and was well recommended, but on last Friday’s flight home from San Jose, I finally got a chance, and to be humbled, by Gardner Campbell’s Kemp Symposium keynote “Apt Numbers, or, Sense Variously Drawn Out””. Magically weaving together his genuinely expressed love of music and Milton, and his concept of the “last lecture”, Gardner cast a spell that lifted me even higher over the California mountains lying below.

It is a podcast most highly recommended, worthy saving, and savoring. I cannot stop gushing praise. For some, a presentation is a series of slides, or some stream of consciousness talking points– this was really artfully planned and spoken. Tune in, and…

Come on the amazing journey,
And learn all you should know.

With this crafted session in mind, I am rather intimidated to bring my ramblings to University of Mary Washington next week. I’ll be trying my best to be ‘getting in tune’

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