Jaiku: Coming Soon on Betamax?

My how the web 2.0 winds blow. It’s been about a week since my last blog post about twitter (sounds sort of like a confessional- “post 5 hail tweets and…”).

Last week, right during the first day of Faculty Academy, twitter got really flaky. It would display tweets, but most tweets made just went into the place where lost socks go.

Oops, time for a tangent. Did you know there is a Missing Socks Bureau?

The Bureau of Missing Socks is the first organization solely devoted to solving the question of what happens to missing single socks. It explores all aspects of the phenomena including the occult, conspiracy theories, and extraterrestrial.

We offer support for the matching sock deprived, and catalog, research, index and document all extant material related to socks since the dawn of the shoe. Our audio visual department is the largest multi media center in Hollywood and several sock themed feature films, television shows, and interactive CDs are in development. It’s all socks, socks, socks, socks.

We are entirely funded by your tax dollars expedited by matching cuts in the defense, welfare, and education budgets.

Remember- On the web there is a niche for everything, and then some.

But back to the show.

Twitter has had an intriguing ramp up in use among folks I hang around with. There is something there, there. But that is blogged elsewhere. At the same time, a new, similar service has emerged, Jaiku, and being faithful to my Being There presentation, where I suggest you cannot criticize technology from the outside in, I create an account.

Jaiku has some compelling features, in that you can have it subscribe to other services to autopost updates, so no extra tools are needed to blog links to recent blogpposts, and you can hook it up to display recent flickr postings, del.icio.us bookmarks, and even post your twitter activity via its RSS. So in a way, Jaiku is acting like an aggregator. You can post form web. mobile, etc. Things you cannot do in twitter are that you can post comments to items. And from what others have blogged, it is much more stable (no damned “catz in the server”). It is definitely bearing the fresh, minty Web 2.0 design and feel.

Maybe that’s because not as many are Jaiku-ing yet.

But like D’Arcy twittered a few days ago, “twitter is where my friends are” meaning that there is and active and functional group behavior he finds rewarding. Me too. All may change, but for now I am sitting on the twitter side of the fence, not sure which one of these (or the next one) will be this generations betamax/VHS old tale.

Jim Groom and I joked on the ride to the airport last week about how it was like, “But I’ve been dedicated to twitter for such a long time! A tradition! All the way back to 2 months ago!”

That’s how the web 2.0 spins. Makes you dizzy, eh? Just hang on and say “wheeeeeeee”.

For now, I have both services, but am participating primarily

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  1. I like Jaiku features, but I prefer Twitter. I like its simplicity. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been there longer.

    There is one thing, though. To see that every friend I have in Twitter has befriended me again in Jaiku feels good. Isn’t that a kind of confirmation of our new bond?

    Paradox: in Jaiku friends are referred to as “contacts”. Agrrrr this Web2.0 language!

  2. Yeah, that’s wild -I haven’t even looked at Jaiku -fear, exhaustion and the fact that my twitter friend count doubled after FA. I have no idea how I would make some of these folks transition unless you came back to Freddy and did another phenomenal presentation.

    I’m glad you said you gotta be in it to win it and not me 🙂

  3. Unfortunately Jaiku will not accept any of my own feeds (blogger, del.icio.us or flickr) and their reply to my email about this was a yes we have had this problem with some users and a sorry but the only advice is keep trying. Some 6 hours later and after trying different browsers and different computers, it is still not poss. Can see the potential there though.

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