Done with PodPress Plugin. Bye.

I’ve tried for months to get the WordPress PodPress plugin to behave- on multiple sites it just plum refuses to embed the player in the page. Every option is set to display the player, I can see it in the source, and it fails. And it seems like it gets upgraded once a week, each a complete download and replace of a gizillion files. The only advantage it appeared to offer was ability to generate iTunes formatted feeds, something we’ve not really desperately needed.

On a new podcast focused site I am working on, I am switching to the Anarchy Media Player– and it Just Works.

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  1. Just installed it a few weeks back on a WPMU site for English Linguistics and Speech (a Gardo special), and it works like a charm, whereas podpress borked on WPMU continually. It is also good to know it can be used on stand alone web pages (via OLDaily) -impressive.

    @James -The 25 themes you released for WPMU are excellent and have fueled much great work at UMW. Thank you, for all the great work you have been doing on this front.


  2. I almost gave up until the version that came out this week. I’ve never had an issue with it not displaying only eliminating my feed formatting. That issue is solved so I’ll stick with it.

  3. I’m happy to switch to Anarchy Media Player (though I’m sticking to Bloglines for now), but I’ve never had a problem with PodPress. I wonder what the deal is. The iTunes formatting is nice for me, by the way, since that’s my primary podcatcher. I like the blended environment, and I like my iPod.

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