My 15 Minutes on Webcast TV

In the “Crazy Scheduling — I Thought I was Learning to Say No” department, I am lined up to be a participant on a May 17 webcast of the Ready2Net program on “Web 2.0 Comes to Campus” – the free series of webcast and satellite broadcasts produced by the CSU-Monterey Bay.

As billed:

Is Web 2.0 yet another wave of IT Industry jargon? Or must campuses pay attention? What will it mean to “harness network efforts” to enhance campus resources and services and to improve student learning opportunities? Corporations are taking a broad look at Web 2.0 as a way to transform IT resources and services. Do the corporate conversations about Web 2.0 apply to higher education? And if so, in what ways? At what costs? And with what benefits for students, faculty, and institutions? This R2N program examines the shift in Internet platform, content and users, and serves to inform CIOs, the IT community, faculty, presidents, provosts, and trustees about the challenges Web 2.0 places on the campus’s virtual space.

Along with a librarian from Solano Community College, I’ll be barking there among some execs from Microsoft, Blackboard. It was billed as being “conversational” and may be good practice should I ever get a chance to be on Oprah.

I was just asked about this last week, and it is a silly turnaround trip from Phoenix (leave at 6:00 AM) to get to San Jose in time for prep and filming, and then flying right back out just before 1:00 PM. Had to sandwich this in between a play we are going to here Thursday night, and a very special weekend that has been a year in the making- It’s our wedding anniversary coming up, and my wife has been holding onto a secret plan that I have been kept in the dark on. No idea where we are going!

So going to San Jose to yack about Web 2.0 for a few hours is just the warm-up….

Now I have to go rummaging in the back of my closet to see if I still actually own a tie (my neck has not been knotted for about 10 years).

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