New business cards are ordered… I have a new title on my role at NMC as “Vice President, Community & CTO” reflecting a constructive look at work I’ve been doing in the last 13 months and where NMC is going in the future. For now, I’m doing the same stuff and cashing the same check, but a new title feels good. I like the emphasis where my interest lies- in supporting, maintaining, nudging our various online (and F2F) communities.

My colleague Rachel and I have had some laughs about our families at home having to ask us, “Can the Vice President wash the dishes now / empty the trash / pick up the dog poop in the back yard / …. ?”

Sorry, gotta run. Dick Cheney is IM-ing about our hunting trip next weekend ;-)

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  1. Congrats!

    Not to give the new senior manager suggestions so early, but I would rethink the hunting trip if I were you. Then again, I am only a Sr. Instructional Designer with no claim to higher office . . .

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