Previously, I’ve noted a cool video site, dotSUB, that takes an interesting approach to ultimately add multi-lingual captions to video– allowing visitors to the site to add translations of the captions into any of the numerous other languages supported on the site.. or, as I call it, “user generated video captioning”.

Today, I chatted with the CEO who offered to allow us to post a video to make available for captioning and they offered to do the first transcript in English. I posted our NMC Campus Seriously Engaging video (see the original). You can scroll through the video in any language…,

And this is where you can participate– if you create a free account on dotSUB, you can add captions for any other language by translating the English version of the captions just by clicking on the movie above. Please jump in!

There is more to dotSUB’s approach, but this part here is very impressive- note the rise of another CommonCraft special Wikis in Plain English.

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  1. I also checked out dotSUB and thought the translation service for video had some great potential. But what really impressed me was when I emailed asking for more information on the company, I got a phone call from the CEO to talk to me about dotSUB. Talk about high touch!

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