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Turn your Friends to Followers Ratio Past 11.. err 15

Some interesting and funny too comments came in to my mini exploration of twitter friends to followers ratio. And vavoom, todays inbox has about 6 more friends notifications; of them maybe one I know and added.

But get this, for those want to push the ratio even higher, is TwitterAdder with a new record of 15.44! That is 1853 friends with a scant 120 followers. And what is the tweet action? Well, it is self promotion (no crime, but virtue?) for

Have you ever wanted more friends on your Twitter account? Now you can. Just enter your Twitter login details below and we’ll add 20 random friends to your account.

which may explain recent rashes of friend requests from unknown origins. Call it TwitterFriendSpam? What is the desire to build up a huge list of “friends” (who are not really your friends)? C’mon, I bet some out there are pushing the volume past 20.0 friends to followers.

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  1. I found the catch to TwitterAdder – once you use it you start getting added as a friend to others using it. (big surprise)

    My Friends/Followers ratio is 21 because right after I used TwitterAdder I got added as a friend to two people. (Of course I was only trying to get a new record based on the fact that I had no followers.)

  2. I run the twitteradder and it doesnt fold users back in. So I’m surprised at the randomness that you’d get added by another user. Still it’s proving pretty popular now. Used to be some users that had 5k+ friends but then strange things started happening to their accounts like being unable to modify their details and only do updates via IM. Twitter have since throttled their API to only allow 72 transactions per hour as well and I’m sure they’ll come up with something else to try and shut us down.

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