Neat Stuff. Really.

Neat Stuff
My own photo taken a few days ago in La Crosse, Wisconsin

I hope when the blog starts up tomorrow, I have some Really Net Neat Stuff to read, find, and blab about. I’m just coming off a 10 day stretch of very little time on the machine, as my wife and I did some family visits and touring in rural Minnesota.

This was on the heels of the whirlwind known as the 2007 NMC Summer Conference in Indianapolis, itself something fading into the background w/o due blog diligence.

I tried getting in gear tonight with a Second Life meetup with Leigh and others that was goofy fun and then pandemonium as we boarded hang gliders, crashing in different directions, and left with hanging avatars.

Oh well, work starts tomorrow.

Neat Stuff awaits!

BTW– What the heck is borked with flickr’s Blog This Photo? It fails on every site, account that worked a few weeks ago. They are sure losing that old skool flickry feeling over there under the Yahoo banner.

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