I’m too tired to even properly research this, but lately (?? weeks) I’ve been unable to get flickr to properly post blog posts to several of my WordPress blogs. Flickr keeps reporting my password may need to be changed, which is bunk as I know they are correct.

With a little digging, I found an answer in the WordPress support forums that appears to work, but requires an edit to the xmlrpc.php file in your WP installation directory. After the first PHP statement of “define(‘XMLRPC_REQUEST’, true);” (inside the PHP tags), insert:

Found buried in the WP forums, and references also http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=41293 and nothing I could find at flickr in their useless FAQ.

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  1. Hey, maybe Dreamhost has us on some kind of crazy lockdown since the hacked WordPress fiasco thing a short while back. Didn’t that hit you? It didn’t me. But this situation counts as a hit, if that’s the problem.

  2. Two things:

    One: while that *was* the code you posted, notice your version says “"” instead of having actual quotes, so it doesn’t work if you copy/paste. It wasn’t due to any line break issue.

    Two: you don’t mention the “define (‘XMLRPC_REQUEST’, TRUE);” segment, which for whatever reason, my xmlrpc.php file did not have. The fix does NOT work without that line. So since your site is a good reference point for many people, I posted my comment so they’d know to make sure they have that line in.

  3. Oh damn, your blog converted the &quot character entity into a quote, so no one will see what I meant in point one but hopefully you get it. &quot followed by ; is not the same as “.

  4. My bad. I am rusty at blogging, and did not see the quote conversion. And code with < tags on comments gets stripped, so I could not see your example.

    But my example above is fixed and folks can follow your link to the forums for another example (though there is an errant linebreak to watch out for). My copy of xmlrpc.php already had the statement yours was lacking, so I did not catch that as an issue.

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