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And Here I Was Worried About Having Too Many Blogs

At one time I bemoaned a future of having multiple blogs to spread my self around. That was so 1.0. I have two personal ones (one just for running or complaining about it), three ones at NMC for various projects, plus our main drupal site which has blog like writing duties, plus others I am losing track of…

But its a problem of my own making.

And now a new one. I am multiple twittering. Is the “great sucking sounds” any remnant of time? like that I ought to be eating lunch right now or trying to clean the green from my swimming pool or …?

So I have my own twittering at For the 2007 NMC Summer Conference, I got jazzed to create a NMC specific twitter space, to play with displays like TwitterCamp, to aggregate stuff in places like Tumblr and pageflakes.

But I see some more value in having an organizational twitter space. We can syndicate that elsewhere (if some strange need arrives). It provides a different set of contacts, some overlapping, some not, that we can connect to. And…. I have hooked all three of our NMC WordPress sites with the TwitterTools plugin so they can tweet new blog posts. And new friends are popping in all the time, like this Howard guy (a dignified friend indeed!):


Other things happen. I post something on the NMC Campus Observer, it posts to twitter automatically, a response comes from @hackhaven featured in the article (just 2 tweets later), and now we are making connections.

It jazzes me how this flows and connects. Twittering is it now; jaiku is available on betamax. Maybe. no one knows for sure. Least of all me.

But shall I draw the line at 2 twitter accounts? I have lied before about the number of blogs I intended to post to!

By the way, this is somewhat made easier by running multiple browsers. I have Frefox for may main CogDogBlog accounts (blog, delicious, google stuff. flickr, et al); Camino for NMC stuff, also Safari and Opera for even more NMC accounts. I am swarming myself in browsers….Or maybe it is a disease.

Oops, now it is lunch time, gotta go get some kibbles.

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  1. As long as they can be aggregated and re-fed, multiple content streams are a worry only for the content generator. 🙂 The rest of us, we are doing just fine. Cogdog for everyone, everywhere! Works for me.

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