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TweetDeck Hidden Gem: Translated Tweets

cc licensed flickr photo by me! (do I need to attribute myself? will I sue myself? This was not the photo I wished I had taken at Northern Voice 2009. There was a moment in the back of the auditorium, during one of the big keynote sessions, when I glance at all the open laptops- […]


Tweet and Receive

It’s been frequently noted that the response effect of twitter is not a simple matter of opening an account and yelling for help; as a new tweeter you get the tree-falling silently effect. That said, I feel overwhelmingly fortunate to put out a single request and get a string of responses. With this, and despite […]


TwitterCamp Flies Again.. I Love This Web Thing

For the 10 gazillionth time the network (as in the people I am connected to) saves the day again. For some upcoming presentations and conferences, I was hoping to set up TwitterCamp, a desktop app (Mac and PC) that runs in Adobe Air and displays in near real time the incoming tweets for a specific […]


I Give You These 15… 10 Twitter Commandments

I leave it to Phillie Casablanca to issue the Twitter Commandments now available in pretty flickr form– to jump into parody mode, “I Give You These 15…. 10 Twitter Commandments”: I too think “commandment” is a bit strong, but the metaphor is not the point. And again, if you believe there are absolute “right” and […]


Who’s Who in TwitDir

It took twitter quite some time to add a search bar so you can find fellow tweeters, so its no surprise that TwitDir arose as an outside tool serving as a Twitter Directory, claiming to allow you to search among 715,235 twitterers. And since this the season of contagious listmaking, TwitDir offers the answers to […]


Sweet! Tweetscan

Tweetscan is “a real-time search engine for Twitter posts. Beyond that, TweetScan can do your searches automatically and email them to you”. At the ego level, you can use it to search for tweets directed at yourself or make that, myself. So this is extremely useful to track replies people may make to you who […]


Twitter Social Proprio… Proprio… What Clive Said

I’ve not thought much lately about the phenomena of the twitterverse, in fact, using twitter has become part of my regular routine antics that it really becomes less of an object of attention itself- its the flow that means something to me. This came to me during some reflection at the NMC Regional Conference at […]