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Make That 9,999

I pretty much just delete most twitter friends requests… I already track most of the folks I want to. But after about the 6th or 7th “Xxxxxx is following you” message from the same person, I got a creepy feeling like someone was breathing bad breath down my neck. If I have little patience for […]

Blog Pile

Time for a Twitter Blog Post

It’s just an un-scientific hunch, but twitter seems to “got game”. Jaiku flickered and faded. Pownce came out with a nice interface, threads, but I’m still tuned to twitter. It’s this dog’s rule that there is never a ‘best’ technology, just the one you happen to be using at the time. It’s going to all […]


Twitter Friends, Followers, Ratios

This will prove I am not a statistician.. but I was mildly wondering today about patterns among people who twitter, as I glanced at my friends, as well as random people on the public timeline and the number of friends and followers on their pages. It seems there might be some behavior patterns there. Some […]


Aunty Social

As social services spread, mutate, spawn like they are, I am sure I’m in the same boat as at least a few others– what was once novel and every peek drew attention, at what point do you draw the line? Do you automatically reciprocate any offered friendship? I;m pretty much connected with a good circle […]