Like I Need an Excuse be Twittering- now to climb the Tweeterboard

Of course I find the coolest of new stuff in my twitter stream, like from Dean Shareski just know came a link to Tweeterboard- a site that provides analytics on tweeters, their activity, what they are linking to, etc.

Tweeterboard is a way of looking at who is influential on Twitter based on their conversations with other Twitter users. There are other services, like Twitterposter, that base influence on how many followers you have. Tweeterboard looks at who talks to you.

Tweeterboard also captures links posted to Twitter to generate a list of the most popular links.

Reputation points are the way influence is measured in Tweeterboard. They’re calculated using some algorithmic mojo that resembles the link analysis algorithms used by search engines. Your reputation points are based on the conversations you’ve had over the last 28 days, which means your score can jump around a lot.

So if you are not like Dean, who is sitting on the front page with 21 points, you can see if you scored– yep, I found I am about 6 points behind Dean:


The bad things is now I know this is out there. Will I compulsively check for my score? While I change my twittering/tweeting for things that score more (use of @, links, replying to people…)? Does this really matter?

In a way it does. This is a slick app that cleverly, in web 2.0 tradition, leverages the data of another web system to do something new. This is not your grandfathers software anymore. Like all of the flickr toys, the del,icio.us hacks, it states loud and clear how a product or service can amplify in value and potential… if you let clever people like Gene Smith augment on top if it… like maybe someone will mashup tweeterboard scores with real time google mapping (do anything now, but create it as a yucky facebook crap-app, please….)

I have a new web addiction. I’d blog more about it, but I need to cheese up my tweeter board scores.


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