web shows what we have chosen to care about
web shows what we have chosen to care about
posted 9 Dec ’07, 2.26pm MST PST on flickr

I’ve always been fascinated by efforts to map cyberspace”¦ most maps seem to focus on the physical network connections but the ones I find the most interesting are those that try to map the diversity and connections between content. This quote nicely articulates why.

Here is the quote in full: “If you were to make a map of the Web, showing all the sites and all the links, you would be making a map of things the 500 million people on the Web find interesting. That’s a lot different than a map of the real world that shows where the mountains are and where the oceans end and land begins. The real world map shows what we humans have been given to work with. The Web shows what we have chosen to care about.”
Quote comes via Vodafone Receiver www.receiver.vodafone.com/19-what-the-web-is-for in an article written by David Weinberger.

Image from Flickr CC thanks to charmar www.flickr.com/photos/charmar/64508413/

PS: a big shout-out hello to Carolyn aka Anna:Poet who I got to meet in person today”¦ Thank you for a great brekkie Carolyn and looking forward to staying in touch. After what has been a hellish couple of weeks, you inspired me to get back in the saddle and do not one but TWO new slides today! Tomorrow I am going to Paris for Le Web 3.0″¦ If anyone else reading this is planning to be there it would be great to meet up, drop me a flickrmail.

Another among the many fine gems of Lynetter’s Interesting Snippets.

My hope is that this does not mean we care about vanity, poking and Xing in Facebook, casinos, porn…. Nope, that’s not my web I care about.


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