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Second Life Live Video Stream Setup

Second Life Live Video Stream Setup
Second Life Live Video Stream Setup
posted 7 Dec ’07, 11.33am MST PST on flickr

My home office technology used for the NMC Symposium on Evolution of Communcation held entirely in Second Life.

The PC on the left, a high HP game station, is my Second Life camera, operated by my alt avatar, Zoraster Gaffer. Mirrored video output from its nVidea card is sent by S-video and audio out form my speakers to a Canopus ADVC110 digital/analog converter, which in turn passes the signal by firewire to my MacBook Pro.

On the MBP, I run Wirecast which sends the video to our QuickTime streaming server. This video can thus be viewed by people outside of Second Life, as a normal live video stream, but the real use was to attach the video to our overflow sims in Second Life. The main NMC Conference center can accommodate up to 70 avatars; once that limit is reached we send people to 2 other sims where the live video is available. see the desktop screenshot

To participate in the activities, I am also logged onto Second Life on the MacBookPro as CDB Barkley. This is always risky as an SL crash would take down the entire video stream. For some strange reason this never happens.

Bandwidth held up okay – I get about 2.5 Mbps down and > 1 Mbps up on my DS modem; both machines are connected by wire. The outgoing video stream takes about 300 kbps upstream, and the two Sl clients take about 1 Mbps down.

Looks like I need anther computer!

The white box is not part of the set up- just my recyclable can!

This is where I was chained December 3-5!

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